Over The Counter Treatments For Thrush.


What You Need To Know About Over The Counter Treatments For Thrush:

 The biggest myth related to thrush treatments, is the idea that over the counter medications will cure chronic yeast infections. This is not true. These medications are only meant to treat occassional infections, not reoccurring ones, and they do not address the root cause of the condition. In relieving the symptoms, they can mask the condition, and the infection can spread! In fact using them for too long and too often can exacerbate the problem, as it kills off the good bacteria that helps to prevent thrush from occurring in the first place.

There are a few natural remedies, obtained at the supermarket or sitting in your pantry at home that, for a fraction of the cost and no embarrassment,  can provide immediate relief from your worst symptoms, and actually cure the condition as well.

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If you want an over the counter treatment to relieve the symptoms of occassional thrush, some treatments that can work well are:

  • – Fernstat 3
  • – Gyne- Lotrimin
  • – Vagistat
  • – Azo
  • – Monistat
  • – Hydrocortison and antihistamines (to treat some symptoms such as itching or inflamation)


If you plan on using these over the counter medications as either relief or treatment, bear in mind that:

  • If your infection is chronic, using the same product too often can lead to a form of immunity to its effects. You will need increasing amounts in order to get the same results. This is a risk because you should not be using increasing amounts of an over the counter medication meant to be applied to the skin – especially in the case of a rash.

Remember: while these over the counter treatments for thrush can work well, they are meant to treat occassional infections, not reoccurring ones and they do not address the root cause of the condition. I have found that natural remedies, which are much cheaper,  not only provided immediate relief from my symptoms but did actually cure the infection for good.

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